Hi. I'm George.

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In addition to enjoying food, swimming in the ocean, and travelling whenever possible, I'm also a designer, and have worked on and in the web since 1996.

I have had the pleasure of leading design at some cracking web services like Flickr, Internet Archive, and Stamen in San Francisco. When I turned 40, I said to myself, why the f*** am I working for other people? I am no longer doing that.

So, today, I'm living a the dream, blending my success in commercial software land with my love of history, humanity and culture.

I live in London, where I run Museum in a Box, which uses 21st Century technologies like 3D printing, NFC and Raspberry Pi to make history speak for itself. I also run a design agency called Good, Form & Spectacle, focused on cultural heritage projects. Find out more about my work.

I've done a ton of public speaking and I really enjoy giving talks about design, museums, metadata, and playing with stuff. I also like being on panels, and moderating them. I also serve as an advisor to organisations such as The British Library, The Postal Museum, and the UCL Centre for Digital Humanities, where I enjoy sticking my nose in, but keeping my fingers out.

I've written a book called If Only The Grimms Had Known Alice which reshapes classic fairy tales to include female characters. I think the kids call that gender-swapping. I write a lot for work, too, like From Little Things, Big Things Grow for A List Apart about online community, or these blog posts for design projects I do for other people, like How could Wikimedia Commons be improved? with the Wikipedia Foundation, or Inside a New Museum with the M+ Museum in Hong Kong. I've even co-authored an academic paper, Making and Remaking Collections Online, in the Open Library of Humanities. And this was a fun interview to do: The need for human intervention: Annet Dekker in conversation with George Oates.

Most of the time I wish I was on holiday though. I'm not going to lie. I'm not even that fussy about where.